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A UK Christian charity dedicated to Animal Welfare

Striving towards a world where Christians lead the way in enabling animals to live with dignity, freedom and peace.

Featured Content

We Can All Do Something

Dr Ruth Valerio, environmentalist and theologian, social activist and author speaks about animal welfare, ethical consumerism and reducing our resource consumption.

Brian McLaren on Animal Welfare

Brian D. McLaren, prominent Christian pastor, author, activist and speaker speaks about animal theological concern and responsible stewardship.

All of Us Will Be Glorifying God

Dr Tony Campolo speaks passionately on why animal welfare is a prime theological concern and how the work of Christ has cosmic, redemptive consequences for all life.

And Where There Is Injury

Dr Alan McManus, reveals St. Francis of Assisi to be, not only a man with a heart for animals, but also a revolutionary figure against cruelty and injustice.

An Army of Compassion

Salvation Army founders William and Catherine Booth - Pioneers of practical service and compassion.

Before and Above

Dr. William Greenway explores the concept of Agape and how it enlivens the heart with a concern for the flourishing of all creatures.

Putting Animals on the Agenda

Rt Revd Dominic Walker speaks to Sarx about his experiences of protesting against cruel live exports and the role of the church in promoting animal welfare.

Progressing in Peaceableness

One of the founder members of Sarx, Dr Kerry Yong, believes the Christian faith calls us to live more mindfully, simply and make compassion lifestyle choices.

Reverence for Life

Albert Schweitzer believed we need to look upon the world with the eyes of reverence. Only then can we recognise the sacredness of all life on earth.

Lives of the Saints

Tales the saints' interaction with animals have been a source of spiritual inspiration for countless generations of Christians of all denominations.