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What We Believe

We believe in the Holy Trinity; the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit who exist as one God now and forever as revealed in Holy Scripture.

We believe the world is the Lord’s and that all flesh, humans and animals alike, are a manifestation of God’s love, wisdom and goodness and intended to give praise to their Creator.

We believe that, because God so loved the world, He sent His Word (logos) to become flesh (sarx) so that, through His life, death and resurrection, all things would be reconciled to Himself and peace restored to the whole of creation at its completion. 

We believe humanity’s call to exercise dominion should be modelled after Christ’s example of lordship through service and the moral priority of the most vulnerable.

We believe that, as disciples of Christ, we have a duty, as good shepherds, to exercise compassion, care, mercy and, above all, love to all creatures.

We believe in witnessing, through daily practice, to the in-breaking Messianic reign of the God who desires there to be peace between all His creatures by living and eating without causing harm to animals

We believe that, within contemporary Western culture, the adoption of a vegan lifestyle is a faithful Christian witness of God’s peaceable intentions for all creatures and His promised kingdom-to-come.