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To Become Again As Children – Dr Alma Massaro author and lecturer on animal ethics speaks on whether animals have souls, barriers to peaceable human-animal relationships and how to view animals through innocent eyes.


All That BecameProfessor Ryan McLaughlin, lecturer of theology at Siena Ryan MacLaughlinCollege, New York, discusses the theological status of animals, the work of Christ and the practical implications of animal theological concern.


sarah-king-creaturekindVegangelical – Sarah Withrow King is interviewed on her new book Vegangelical, a powerful and biblical Christian vision for animal stewardship and welfare.


Andy Alexis-Baker Arrupe aalexisbaker@luc.eduThe Arc of Peace, Justice and Compassion – Dr. Andy Alexis-Baker, author and lecturer in Theology and Religious, speaks about the challenges of being a Christian vegan and how Christ’s message of peace can be expanded to include all creatures.


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We Can All Do Something – Dr. Ruth Valerio, environmentalist and theologian, social activist and author speaks about animal welfare, ethical consumerism and reducing our resource consumption.

Religious Affects – Professor Donovan Schaefer, lecturer at Oxford University, is interviewed on his new book Religious Affects. He discusses how a positive understanding of animals can help us to practically live out Christian values.


steve2010-smallAnimal and the Economy – Dr. Steve McMullen, Professor at Hope College, Michigan, is interviewed on his new book Animals and the Economy and discusses Christian faith, animal ethics and how to utilise consumer power in bringing about change in favour of animals.


Tripp YorkThe End of Captivity? – Dr Tripp York speaks to Sarx about his latest book which asks what such forms of captivity say about us, and how animal captivity shapes what we imagine to be the theological purpose of other animals.


David CloughGod’s “Yes” to All Creatures – David Clough Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester talks to Sarx about his passion for animal theology, Karl Barth and his commitment to a peaceable diet.


Nicola Hoggard CreeganWheat and the Tares – Professor of theology and author Nicola Hoggard Creegan speaks on humanity’s relationship with creation, glimpsing God’s work within the natural world and how the love of Christ brings healing for all of God’s creatures.


StevePortrait 021 croppedAn Excessive and Extravagant Love – Professor Stephen H. Webb speaks on valuing creation, human-animal relationships and the coming together of Christian Theologians and Animals Welfare advocates.


Marc BerkoffWalking the Path of Compassionate Co-existence – Professor Marc Bekoff, author and award winning scientific researcher discusses the emotional world of animals, the role of religion in promoting compassionate care and taking practical steps towards peaceable co-existence with all creatures.


Pic 3Witnessing Against Violence – Acclaimed author and speaker Carol J. Adams speaks to Sarx about the Christian witness against violence and how the exercising of compassion towards animals requires conviction and clear perception. 


Bruce FriedrichThe Default Choice Bruce Gregory Friedrich, Executive Director of The Good Food Institute talks about developments in the ethical food industry and the role of faith in inspiring his concern for animals.