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Thanks to the work of pioneering theologians of all denominations, academic theological enquiry has turned its attention to discovering how the love of Christ embraces all of God’s creatures.

With the aim of fostering dialogue and awareness, Sarx has collaborated with some of the world’s foremost academics to compile this collection of articles:

EatonOn the Eyes of a Cat and the Curve of his Claw Dr Matthew Eaton, lecturer at St John’s University, New York and Sacred Heart University, Connecticut explores the deep spiritual bonds between humans and companion animals.


Michael Gilmour_2016_webA Love That Splashes Over – The Impenitent C.S Lewis Professor Michael Gilmour explores the works of C.S Lewis and reveals a man with a deep love of animals and whose faith inspired him to emphasise their goodness and dignity. 



“Who Hears When Animals Cry?” – The Interconnectedness of All Creatures Revd Dr Trystan Owain Hughes explores the interrelatedness of all living beings and demonstrates how the common origin of creation necessitates that every animal should be treated with respect, compassion and love.


David Grumett

Food, Faith and Community Dr David Grumett discusses the distinctively Christian approach to food and faith communities might example responsible food production as part of their Gospel witness to wider society.


Dr Alan McManusAnd Where There Is Injury Academic and ex-Franciscan friar, Dr Alan McManus, reflects upon the life of St. Francis of Assisi and reveals a revolutionary figure who opposed cruelty and injustice.


Karen Swallow Prior

Caring For God’s Creatures – Great and Small Professor Karen Swallow Prior, lecturer in English at Liberty University, argues compassionate care of animals is a scriptural mandate for humanity.


richard-ryder-14-e-mThe Great Addiction Dr. Richard D. Ryder, Cambridge educated psychologist and philosopher believes religious figures are leading the way in combatting animal abuse.


June 19, 2015; Celia Deane-Drummond (Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame)Tracing a Shared History Celia Deane-Drummond, Professor of Theology, uncovers the shared history between humans and animals and reveals how animal interactions have helped shaped humanity into what it is today.


Mary ColwellThe Secrets Whispered in Every Living Being Mary Colwell, public speaker, producer and writer, reflects upon Thomas Merton, God’s presence within creation and humanity’s connection with the natural world. 


William Greenway

Before and Above All: Agape Dr. William Greenway, Professor of Philosophical Theology, explores how concept of Agape enlivens the heart with a concern for the flourishing of all creatures.


joyce-and-joannaThe Suffering of Animals Today Dr Joyce D’Silva explores the pro-animal voices found within various faith traditions and challenges Christian leaders to speak out against animal exploitation.


Redline 2008Why Some Christians Become Vegetarian Dr. Tony Campolo, sociologist, pastor, author and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton, speaks about Christianity and vegetarianism.


009A Bevere

The Least of These – God’s Concern for All Creatures Professor Matthew H. Bevere explains how God’s covenantal relationship extends to all creation and why compassionate eating should be a prime concern for all Christians.


Philip SampsonEvangelical Spirituality and Animal Ethics Dr Philip J. Sampson, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, discusses the distinctively Evangelical spirituality which inspired many pioneers of animal welfare reform.

Evangelical Spirituality and Hunting Dr Philip J. Sampson uncovers the spiritually corrosive effects of hunting. He reveals a strong evangelical tradition of opposition towards cruelty and the embracing of kindness and gentleness to all creatures.