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Do you want to explore Christian perspectives on animals in your community? What better way than a church presentation!

Reaching out to empower Christian communities to consider animal issues as prime faith issues is a central aspect of our ministry!

If your church or community would welcome the opportunity of engaging with animals and animal issues from a distinctively Christian standpoint, we would love to hear from you!

What can I expect?

  • Various presentation types and lengths including church sermons and formal lectures
  • Optional Q&A session
  • Group workshops available on request
  • Resources stall

 What topics do we cover?

  • Jesus Christ and animals
  • Biblical insights
  • The life and work of Christian Saints
  • Christian tradition and animals
  • Contemporary Christian perceptions

What are people saying about our presentations?

“An engaging presentation which was both memorable and eye opening. I would highly recommend a Sarx speaker to any Christian community looking to explore the much overlooked but important issue of Animal Theology. The message of Sarx is unique yet very much deserves the attention of today’s Church.”

The Revd Steve Chalke MBE  (Founder of Oasis & Stop The Traffik, Senior Minister and United Nations Special Advisor)  

“It was wonderful to have a speaker from Sarx at our Harvest Festival today. We have been using Creationtide materials over the past month but the talk was a stark reminder that theological thinking about animals is mostly absent from our churches. I am impressed that nobody was left offended, that was no mean feat preaching to a congregation encompassing farmers and a vast majority of meat eaters.”

The Revd Dr Canon Johannes Arens (Canon Precentor at Leicester Cathedral)

“Our Sarx speaker gave a great talk here which was informative and imaginative. He opened people’s minds to the God-given wonder of creation and encouraged us to think much more carefully about how we care for animals as part of that divine gift.”

The Revd Dr Martin Thomas (Team Rector at Catford and Downham Team Ministry, Diocese of Southwark)

“A very helpful sermon from our Sarx speaker at today’s Harvest Festival.  The focus on animal theology – too often ignored in our churches – was illuminating and firmly grounded in Scripture.  The wholeness of creation was a key theme underlining the talk,  and the reflections on what ‘having dominion’ really means were insightful and thought-provoking.”

The Revd Neil Summers (Team Vicar at St John the Divine, Richmond)

“A theologically sound and thought-provoking sermon on the biblical understanding of animals, keeping people’s attention and deepening their understanding of and empathy for God’s creation. In a congregation with both vegans and livestock farmers it was challenging to all but offensive to none – a difficult balance to achieve!”

The Revd John Ryder (Vicar, All Saints Godshill, Isle of Wight)

“Our Sarx speaker preached and also spoke at a Q&A session afterwards for us. He made his case on behalf of animals passionately and rationally, both from a biblical and theological perspective – with gentleness and without rancour.

The Revd Alan Sykes (Acting Rector at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond)

“We were pleased to welcome a Sarx speaker as our guest preacher at Croydon Minster. He presented a clear and well-structured theology of creation.  His stimulating sermon encouraged us to reflect on the interconnectedness of all creation and how all living and breathing things stand before God. His affirming words have helped to enliven our thinking and conversations in the parish on this important subject. People are still talking about it.”

The Revd Lee Taylor (Associate Vicar at Croydon Minster)

“Daryl’s talk moved seamlessly from the personal and anecdotal to the scriptural and theological.  Rooting his talk in key biblical texts, Daryl gave us a contemporary, yet distinctly Christian understanding of animal-human relations and a clear mandate for including animals in the daily practical concerns of the church.  He was a pleasure to have with us and many people commented on how challenged and inspired they had been by his words.”

The Revd Chris Moore (Vicar at St Cross, Church Clayton)

“Daryl spoke with great grace and conviction and was very open to discussing the vital issues he had raised with members of the congregation after the service. He preaches very eloquently about the theology of animal rights and challenges gently but forcibly. I could not recommend him more highly”

The Revd Ian Tattum (Vicar at St Barnabas Church, Southfields)

“Our Sarx speaker spoke very well, using examples from the bible and church history to show how important it is to put care for God’s creation, including animals, at the heart of our theology. Every one was challenged on a personal level to think about their own personal response to the issues that were raised, particularly about issues such as factory farming where society is implicit in wide scale animal cruelty. I would have no hesitation in recommending a Sarx speaker”

The Revd Simon Tillotson (Team Vicar at All Saints, Whistable)


We do not charge a speaker’s fee however, as a registered charity, we welcome travel expenses and donations.

Just fill in the online form and we’ll be in touch promptly!