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Jenna-FaceSarx’s Lifestyle Editor, Jenna Sital-Singh, shows how peaceable, compassionate living can be easy, healthy and tasty!

Vegetarian / Vegan cooking

So eating veggie / vegan is neither as hard nor a scary (nor as tasteless!) as it is so often assumed.

Here are my top tips in regards to peaceable living…

Recipe Books

Buying a recipe book or two might give you not just ideas but a confidence boost as then you just have to follow instructions rather than improvise with a bunch of random animal-free ingredients, which isn’t necessarily a wise choice (especially if cooking for more than just one)…

I don’t tend to do massive amounts of recipes following myself as I like to improvise but here are a few of my favourite cookbooks which I hope you will provide some inspiration!

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, by Sarah BrownThe Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, by Sarah Brown

The Global Vegetarian Kitchen, by Troth WellsThe Global Vegetarian Kitchen, by Troth Wells

Keep it Vegan 100 healthy, simple and delicious dishes, by Aine CarlinKeep it Vegan: 100 Healthy, Simple and Delicious dishes, by Aine Carlin

Street Vegan, by Adam SobelStreet Vegan, by Adam Sobel

Another option is try some online links to websites that offer good ideas and recipes that you can sift through and use…

Do also check out the Sarx Pinterest “Peaceable Living” section for more delicious recipes.

Suggested Replacements for some Classic Recipes

  1. veggie-lasagnaLasagne – replace minced meat with Soya mince (can be bought from health food shops but also some supermarkets) or pulses such as red lentils or chickpeas (often cheaper) and bulk out with flavourful veg like butternut squash or sweet potato and spinach… And if wanting to go vegan then look up an online vegan white sauce (can be as simple as flour, coconut / rice milk, ‘Pure’ sunflower spread and some herb / spice thrown in for flavouring).
  2. Shepherd's pieShepherd’s Pie – works really well replacing meat with Soya mince / green lentils / red kidney beans for this one + rice milk and sunflower spread in the mash (cheese on top or not depending on veggie / vegan preference).
  3. Chickpea-and-Spinach-CurryChickpea, Sweet potato and Spinach Curry / Peanut Butter Stew – Serve with (brown) rice or crusty bread depending on preference for curry or stew at the time!

Other Useful Protein Replacements 

  • The Linda McCartney range of sausages and burgers (with both vegan and veggie options available)
  • If you like sausages, Dee’s traditional vegan sausages are also worth checking out
  • VBites “Fish-Free Fish Fingers” are a vegan alternative to fish fingers if that’s something you miss
  • Fry’s range of meat-free proteins can be another go-to, especially their chicken-style burgers
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Hummus and falafel (mostly, but always worth checking ingredients for these)
  • Tofu – ‘Taifun’ marinated tofu is especially delicious but there is a good range to choose from out there
  • Health food shops can be good to go for a wider range of vegan protein alternatives too

Once the stomach is sorted…


Buying vegan clothing isn’t always easy but one very easy option is second hand (charity shops), at least if part of your choice to be vegan is because you don’t want to contribute to the meat & dairy industries.

Online searching is often then another fairly straightforward way of being able to look for vegan clothing – Check out the following links:

Some of the online websites will have their own clothing brands for you to look at, otherwise they will probably list other links to go to.

The above links will give you a pretty comprehensive (and pretty intense) set of ratings on products that are better or worse, with a LOT of reasons why they are or are not acceptable!


Faith In Nature’ is one I’ve discovered fairly recently that seems to be pretty good and there are some great products available at the Animal Aid Shop.

Lush offers gorgeous bath and hair, skin care, fragrances and soap many of which are vegan.

Do also check out Honesty Cosmetics, VIVA and Vegan Store.

In essence though…

…whilst I hope that what I’ve written here helps point you in the right direction and gives you some ideas and places to go to work with, ultimately the best way of making changes to live a more deliberate and conscientious alternative lifestyle is simply to do your own research, and see what you find as you go!

I hope this can help you start out on an exciting, alternative life journey!