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Sister WaterWe reach out to thousands of people through our speaking engagements, events & resources and tens of thousands through our digital campaigns, website & social media.

Our work takes us nationwide in our aim of supporting Christians to engage theologically and practically with animal issues within the Christian life.

By giving to Sarx you will help us to:

  • Campaign and advance animal theology and welfare among Christians in the UK and beyond
  • Educate and inform as to why animal theology and welfare is a prime theological concern for the church
  • Tackle animal cruelty by challenging human greed, injustice and apathy towards animals
  • Empower and resource individuals and communities to take practical action in their lives

If we are to realise our vision of a world where Christians lead the way in enabling all animals to live with dignity, freedom and peace, we need the support of God’s people because, as a charity, we rely solely on donations to fund our work.

Thank you for your support.