Evangelical Spirituality and Animal Ethics

phil2Evangelical Christianity and animal advocacy are often perceived as irreconcilably at odds with each other.  Therefore it will come as a surprise to many that the pioneers of animal welfare reform before the twentieth century were Christians who showed a passionate kindness towards ‘God’s beasts’. Dr Philip J. Sampson, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, discusses the distinctively Evangelical spirituality which inspired them.

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The End of Captivity? – Tripp York

While all of us in the animal kingdom are interdependent upon one another, humans are unique in that we are the only animals who keep other animals captive. We keep animals in zoos, sanctuaries, circuses, conservatories, aquariums, research facilities, slaughterhouses, and on our farms and in our homes.

In celebration of his brand new release, The End of Captivity?Tripp York, Phd, speaks to Sarx about a publication which asks what such forms of captivity say about us, and how animal captivity shapes what we imagine to be the theological purpose of other animals.

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An Army of Compassion

Since the 1950’s ever growing numbers of people in the UK have adopted a meat-free diet. Going meat-free has very much hit the mainstream and indeed according to research carried out in 2014, 12% of the British population are either vegetarian or vegan.

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