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The Gospel of John tells us that, in entering the world, the Word became flesh. The word flesh, or sarx in the original Greek, describes both humans and animals alike.

In becoming flesh, Christ shared many experiences that are common to animals across a wide spectrum of species including hunger, happiness, sickness, pain, bereavement and fear.

It is within a body of flesh that Christ came alongside all He made in love.

Christ, through his own flesh, makes all flesh new; humans and animals alike.

Our Ministry

Sarx is a registered charity (No: 1170976) founded on the belief that creation is the very outpouring of God’s love.

The aim of Sarx is to respond and witness to this divine love by encouraging Christians to strive towards a world in which all animals are enabled to live with dignity, in freedom and in peace.

Our activities include:

  • Engage Christians in UK churches, colleges and communities through theological presentations.
  • Encourage Biblical reflection, study and prayer through an extensive collection of articles, interviews and other features.
  • Run campaigns and promotions to raise awareness of pressing animal concerns and tackle animal cruelty.
  • Provide education and support for Christians to engage theologically and practically with animals and animal issues.
  • Promote conversation and dialogue through digital media.
  • Produce resources including printed materials, filmed interviews, podcasts and regular newsletter.

For more on what we believe visit the what we believe page.